Why trust us?

Robert-FelpsOver 65 years of combined experience in healthcare industry!

Third Rock is a no-nonsense compliance and risk management firm that works with you to identify issues, solve problems and create plans to improve your organization.  Risk assessment is HHS and NIST SP800 compliant!

We are the “Can Do” professionals.  Our goal is to understand your business and its risk management needs then work with you to bring your organization into compliance and re-mediate identified risks.

We’ve built our business on honesty, integrity and treating others like we want to be treated.


Strong Team

The Third Rock staff brings years of enterprise experience from an extensive background in healthcare, finance, and technology with “in the trenches” work values as entrepreneurs. We bring enterprise level knowledge with wisdom from the entrepreneur’s “road of hard knocks”.

Our History

Third Rock® was founded by Janice and Robert Felps in 1995.  The name Third Rock was chosen to represent a company that would provide professional services with a personal touch.