Press Release: Texas Star Data Center provides Disaster Recovery Option to Austin Texas Companies

Round Rock, Tx, Jan 22, 2013 – Third Rock, a business technology consulting & services firm in Round Rock, has become a reseller for Clearview International of Dallas, bringing Austin a Tier III disaster recovery option in a remote enterprise level co-location data center within 100 miles.  The data center is so well equipped it is often used by companies for their primary systems, while leaving their current location as the recovery or failover site.

Clearview’s Texas Star Data Center is a Tier III Data Center, centrally located between DFW, Austin, and Houston.  The facility is a re-purposed cold war era nuclear fallout shelter that provides physical security previously unattainable in the commercial Data Center market.  The Waco, Texas location falls within a 150 mile radius of Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, allowing for multiple means of data and compute replication for Texas and US based clients.

Clearview’s Central Texas facility is easily accessible by multiple highway routes in the event of a hurricane, national airway interruption, or other disaster.  The facility is located on a separate part of the power grid from Texas’ major metros, providing an operational advantage during rolling blackouts and power generation system failures. The Texas Star Data Center incorporates dual transformer commercial power feeds and multiple network carrier availability. Clearview’s processes feature a layered security protocol that includes biometrics, access key cards, and DVR cameras, along with onsite personnel 24/7/365.

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