Having a proper Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is essential if you want your business to survive. Many companies think about disaster recovery and want it, but either do not have the in house expertise or time. Many put it off as they never think a disaster is going to happen to them until it is too late.

You never want to build your recovery plan after a disaster has taken place.

It is now being required by the Sarbanes Oxley Act that systems containing financial data maintained by a publicly traded company be backed up periodically, that the backup media is stored in a secure off-site location and requires that periodic test be run to prove that financial systems can be recovered from backup in the event a disaster strikes.

Having your data backed up is only part of the equation.

  • What happens if the servers are gone?
  • What happens if your data center is destroyed?

We take a complete look at a business’s critical systems. We discover what risks exist and their impact. We work with the business to find what are acceptable recovery times are for each system and what kind of impact those systems have. We research several methods to help the business decide of trade-offs between cost and downtime.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery solution needs to take into account all business requirements as well as the operational environment. It must be predictable and re-producible in a timely fashion.

Third Rock Solution Architects will work with your business to guide you through the process of building the best plan for your business. Every business has different requirements so we use best practices and apply them to your unique environment.