CyberCompass™  Protection Products

Cyber Scans and Assessments

We offer a full suite of cyber protection services, including scans of your computers, devices and network, so you know what to focus on to harden your network and reduce the likelihood of a breach or being hit by ransomware.  If you're not performing these scans on a regular basis your cyber security is lacking, start building cyber confidence today by implementing preventative measures.

CyberCompass™ Vulnerability & Compliance Scan

  • In-depth testing of the operating system
  • Over 300 action items to improve your cyber security quickly
  • Cyber Security Rapid Repair Guide included
  • Top priority issues outlined to quickly harden your systems and network*

CyberCompass™ Network Discovery & Inventory Scan

  • Provides an inventory of all devices connected to local network
  • Serves as basis for developing sensitive data flow diagram

CyberCompass™ Network Vulnerability Scan

  • Exposes weaknesses of computers and network devices on the local network

CyberCompass™ Network Penetration Testing (External)

  • Uses industry-standard methodology and tools
  • Exposes weaknesses in firewalls and filtering/controlling access into the local network(s)

CyberCompass™ Sensitive Data Security Scan

  • Scans computer and network storage for unencrypted sensitive data
  • Includes PII, PCI, HIPAA
  • Provides scan report identifying path and filename of unencrypted data
  • Technical Assistance for corrective action available (billed hourly)

CyberCompass™ Communications Security Scan

  • Checks proper configuration of secure connections
  • Includes SSL and TLS standards
  • Provides scan report including corrective actions
  • Technical Assistance for corrective action available (billed hourly)

CyberCompass™ Phishing Risk Assessment

  • Available as a one-time or quarterly training package
  • Provides basis for real-time risk identification and training

CyberCompass™ Source Code Scans

  • Available as a one-time or on-demand package
  • Automated code scanning
  • Code reviews by our expert security developers

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* Hardening will require IT/MSP to perform corrective action work.