We offer a cybersecurity assessment based on the NIST SP 800-171 standard with full pedigree to the standard and to the NIST Cyber Security Framework.  It's powered by our online web platform, CyberCompass™, which automates and simplifies cyber risk management.  Our NIST  cyber assessment solution in CyberCompass include

Security Risk Assessment

  • Guides you through the questions and assessment process
  • Allows for multiple surveys to better capture compliance across your organization
  • Captures notes and attachments
  • Uses risk management scoring to provide prioritized corrective actions
  • Generates an audit ready report of the assessment

Rapid Remediation

We've made correcting your issues to improve your cybersecurity and compliance faster, easier and less expensive.  CyberCompass provide

  • prioritized action items
  • integrated and automated risk management plan
  • ready to use disaster recovery plan, with emergency response plan
  • ready to use breach notification plan
  • ready to use security plan
  • ready to use cybersecurity guide
  • step-by-step computer hardening guide
  • ready to implement customized policies and procedures
  • integrated online training
  • vendor management
  • audit ready reporting
  • compliance status reports
  • executive dashboard

We also offer Cyber Risk Rapid Response services to help you respond to a threat or crisis quickly and efficiently.

CyberCompass™ has been documented to achieve 65% time savings compared to other assessment approaches.

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