“There is energy and power in a crisis”

At Third Rock, we bring the energy and power to contain, minimize and resolve your cyber crisis fast and professionally.

Rapid Response to Your Cyber Crisis

Rapid Response to Your Cyber Crisis

Have you or a client received an OCR audit notice or a concerned customer called about a possible breach? Or maybe you're concerned about a data privacy investigation?  Once notified, you must respond quickly to avoid more fines and penalties. The government auditors require a fast response, some in as little as 10 days!  We partner with law firms, cyber insurance companies, risk management firms, compliance consulting firms, IT service providers and cyber security firms to deliver the necessary expertise to meet clients’ needs fast.  In fact, we recently completed a risk assessment, generated the required report, and implemented corrective actions in less than 2 weeks for a client during an OCR audit!

It is only a matter of time until you or a client experience a cyber incident.  Don’t let an incident grow into a costly, damaging breach!  Third Rock can help. Fast.

Contact us today at rapidresponseteam@thirdrock.com so we can start helping you.

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