We will need a list of workstations and servers with the following information in the attached file. Hostname, IP Address, Type (Workstation or Server), OS, Compliance Tests to Run (HIPAA, PCI, SOC, NERC-SIP).

Note: Please download and fill the document below, before filling out this form. You will be asked to upload the file.

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Third Rock Assurance Installation, Configuration, and Support Form

General Information

SignaCert Server Hosting

The SignaCert server may be placed inside the customer’s environment or hosted remotely by Third Rock. In certain situations Third Rock may provide hardware on which to run the SignaCert server instance.

Monitoring Profiles

SignaCert is configured with profiles of policies to scan, monitor and report on groups of devices. The following are the standard OS profile groups. Additional profiles may be added based on customer’s needs. Please select the tests you wish to have performed for each profile. Please provide the day of the week and time of day to run the scans. Usually separate the workstations from the Servers to prevent potentially overloading the SignaCert server.
Windows 7 or later desktops, laptops, or tablets
Windows and *nix based server systems
(Routers, Firewalls, etc) Enter One per line!


Below are the standard groups to send reports based on their requirements/needs. We can also create additional groups as needed. Please select the details below for each group.
C-Level, VPs, etc.
Department managers, supervisors, leads, etc.
System Admins
IT Support Personnel

Support / Ticket

Change management is very important for being compliant and meeting compliance requirements. For each error or at least each test run in SignaCert a ticket should be opened in a support tracking system.

  1. Manually Open Tickets
  2. Automatically Open Tickets. If IT/MSP has a tracking system that supports Syslog then SignaCert may be configured to automatically open a ticket for found errors/issues.
  3. If an MSP is used for IT support, tickets should be tracked based on support agreement between Client and MSP.
How will alerts from SignaCert be entered into the Change Management or Ticketing System?


To view or manage the SignaCert dashboard we will need to have a list of users and their access. Please provide a list of users and their authorizations. This is just the initial users for the system. Once setup the Signacert Admin is setup, additional users can be setup.
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