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Worry-Free Compliance™

How compliant is your organization?

We use a combination of industry experts, tools, and a cloud based dashboard
to help take the worry out of compliance and risk management. Let us help you
sleep at night by providing a true assessment, remediation,
and continuous monitoring.

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Risk Assessments

HHS and NIST SP800 Compliant

Logging and Reporting

Policies & Procedures

Security Plan

Breach & Notification Plan

Contingency Plan


Let us bring about the death of "annual compliance"!

Be Continuously Compliant

Third Rock's Assurance solution enables organizations to be continuously compliant
and to verify the integrity of all systems, at the lowest total cost!

Powered by Integrity, the only white-list-driven compliance and system monitoring,
Assurance provides actionable visibility that allows IT teams to quickly assess and
fix failed compliance requirements.

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Our Solutions

product-iconWorry-Free Compliance

product-iconThird Rock Assurance

We provide a complete Worry-Free™ Compliance and Risk Management solution for organizations that need to understand their compliance risks and how to correct them. We provide a Compliance and Risk Management Dashboard (CarmaDB™), Professional Risk Management Consulting, Education, and Continuous Monitoring!
Third Rock Assurance™ enables IT organizations to rapidly achieve and prove continuous compliance for the systems that deliver critical business services. By using industry leading tools and a vendor maintained library, Third Rock addresses the compliance efforts today's IT organizations facet, including conformance with standards and regulations.



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