Cyber Risk Challenges

Failures in cybersecurity have prompted data privacy legislation in more than 40 US states. In 2017, New York State regulators passed new rules (NY DFS) requiring institutions to create detailed programs to protect data and ensure employees are trained to identify threats.   There are serious discussions that more states will be rapidly following New York’s path.  The requirements take a holistic view of regulations beyond just IT with evaluating and managing cybersecurity with people, processes and technology.  The NAIC 668 Model Law for insurance companies has been adopted by a few states and the CIS TOP 20 cybersecurity assessment, cross referenced to the NIST CSF, is gaining rapid adoption as the technical assessment standard.

 Third Rock Solutions:

  • Merger and Acquisition Custom Security Risk Assessments
  • Pre-Breach Services:
    • New York DFS Security Risk Assessments
    • CIS-20 Assessment for a thorough cybersecurity technical assessment
    • California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) Assessment if you serve California residents
    • GDPR Assessment if you serve international customers
    • Multiple location assessments, including global
    • Complete risk mitigation in less than 90 days
    • Cyber Risk Coach to help clients be prepared for breach and/or audit
  • Incident Response Services:
    • Rapid Response services for clients that have been breached or have an incident
    • Cyber Response Coach to help clients reduce damage and recovery time
    • Audit Response services to respond in a timely manner with proper and adequate documentation.

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Get your FREE Cyber Risk Score

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