Cybersecurity Employee Training

Cybersecurity Employee

We offer affordable cybersecurity awareness training for both remote and onsite workforces. Powered by CyberCompass® software, our complete training solution helps you create a cyber resilient culture based on your company size. It’s easy to implement and covers all the key cybersecurity basics to get your employees cyber aware fast.

Our training includes:

  • Cyber Awareness Training Course for both onsite and remote workforce
  • On demand timing allows it to meet every employee’s schedule
  • Utilizes best practices micro-learning to engage and drive higher levels of behavior change. 
  • Each participant receives certification upon completion
  • Built-in tracking for completion and competency for each employee
  • Includes ongoing reinforcement materials such as our Cyber Hygiene Checklists, 30 day challenges, supporting articles and more.
  • Meets CCPA, GDPR, NIST171, HIPAA, NY DFS 500, Trusted Partner Network , NAIC 668, and most privacy laws for state requirements
  • Integrates into your current new-employee onboarding process

Watch a sample training video about Phishing 101.

How our cybersecurity training works

What is included in our training?

Each training includes short videos that focus on important and key behaviors to increase cyber resilience followed by a competency quiz. Once an employee has completed all of the assigned modules, they will take a comprehensive summary test in order to earn their certificate.

Our training meets NIST 171 and CIS 20 compliance standards. Need HIPAA specifc training? Click here to see our offerings.

We have built our training to address your remote and onsite employees. A combined training is available for those who work in both settings. You have the ability to assign trainings from our following modules:

Check out our affordable packages for your onsite and remote workforce.

We made cybersecurity training affordable based on the number employees you have and project you need to over the next  twelve months. It makes budgeting easy for you.  Click on our calculator to estimate the number of training seats so you can purchase with confidence:

Cybersecurity Employee Training is now affordable, fast and complete.

We know that finding the resources to best equip your employees can be a challenge. Powered by CyberCompass®, our easy to use tool simplifies the process, offering on-demand training for both remote and onsite workers. Every package includes:

  • 12 month subscription to CyberCompass® training account
  • 12 employee modules you determine in order to meet company needs and latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • On-demand/ self-paced to fit employee schedules
  • Notification and assignment capabilities built in
  • Competency and completion tracking for each employee to meet compliance and privacy regulations
  • 12 reinforcement Cyber Hygiene checklists to access and send to your employees


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Includes up to 10 employee seats 

Price per employee as low as $1.20 a month

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Billed Annually

Includes up to 50 employee seats 

Price per employee as low as $.40 a month

100 Seats 


Billed Annually

Includes up to 100 employee seats 

Price per employee as low as $.37 a month

250 Seats


Billed Annually

Includes up to 250 employee seats 

Price per employee as low as $.26 a month

Over 250 Seats

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