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Our holistic approach toward risk management covers everything from start to secure. Cover your people with training. Cover your processes with policies and procedures. Cover your technology with network vulnerabiltiy scans. Cover your vendors with Third Party risk management tracking. No need to have multiple services. Get all of your needs taken care of with our automated risk management software, CyberCompass

We bring expertise, know how, and automation to the table from the aerospace, financial/insurance, military, technology and healthcare industries.

We changed the cyber risk management and compliance world by making it much easier and faster to reduce risk and increase compliance without breaking the bank.

Our Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Whether you are looking for prevention, threat detection or incident response,

we have solutions for all of your needs.


Quickly discover your vulnerabilities.

Risk Mitigation

Rapidly remediate your weaknesses.

Virtual / Outsourcing

Affordable expertise outsourcing.

Audit Response

Meet audit requirements in days vs months.

Incident Response

Get a plan to minimize damage and cost.

Strategic Partners

Insurance and Legal solutions.

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"We were given 60 days to be a HIPAA compliant business associate with one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country.  With respect to cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance, we started at zero, but Third Rock brought the right people and used CyberCompass to enable the project launch on schedule!  Our customer reviewed and approved everything!  ~ T. Morgan

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Let us help you get

Cyber Confident

Get your FREE Cyber Risk Score

in less than 5 minutes with Cyber Quick Check.

Let us help you get

Cyber Confident