Robert Felps, CEO

Robert Felps is about taking the complex and making it simple.  He has spent his career taking overwhelming, difficult problems and providing straightforward solutions that will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

Using vision, curiosity, and humor, he has saved Fortune 50 companies millions.   He focuses on simplifying and automating, creating next generation applications that save time, effort and money.  He speaks “tech”, having authored the book, Illustrated UNIX® System V/BSD and has successfully created practical business tools, including simplified compliance workflow, innovative cyber security guides, intuitive disaster recovery diagrams, ready to use contingency plans and a cyber-security matrix for clients of all sizes.

Robert is fueled by passion to make a difference.  As CEO of Third Rock, a cyber risk management and compliance firm, his goal is for companies is to become cyber confident and compliant by simplifying cyber risk to fight the biggest threats facing every US company.  A well-known expert, he has spoken nationally on his unique approach to cyber security, cyber risk and compliance. 

In his spare time, Robert enjoys playing with heavy equipment (sometime referred to as toys by his wife) on his ranch in Texas.

Clint Eschberger, CIO

A twenty year veteran of the IT industry delivering SaaS solutions, helping companies migrate applications to cloud solutions, including migrations to Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and other cloud based solutions. Experienced in technology, consulting, virtualization, cloud, software, CIO, CTO, product, marketing, research, product management, business continuity, disaster recovery, co-location data center, and hosting.

Kathleen Hadaway, Chief Marketing Officer

A recognized branding leader who has worked with some of the nation’s biggest brands, developing deep relationships and building strong partnerships. Kathleen has over 30 years of experience in marketing from customer acquisition to retention in various industries. She has worked with Fortune 50 companies to start ups.   She understands the business-to-business arena as well as consumer marketing. Kathleen has a 360 viewpoint of healthcare working with insurance, large health care systems and physicians. She spoke at the World Health Congress Conference in 2015.   She has authored a white paper on how healthcare can look to other industries to drive loyalty in today’s episodic healthcare delivery.

Taylor Hersom, Virtual CISO and Chief Compliance Officer Practice Lead

Taylor brings a depth of knowledge and insight to assessing risk, managing remediation and ultimately improving clients’ cyber protection. He began his career at Deloitte, where he assisted fortune 500 organizations in building robust risk management programs and achieving financial audit objectives. He also has served as the CISO and business development leader for an organization that provided cybersecurity professional services nationwide. Taylor leads our practice to deliver virtual cybersecurity and compliance expertise to our clients, allowing them to focus on running their business. Taylor is an avid cook and will take any excuse to get outside.

Mike Moran, CISO, CISSP

A veteran of the software industry focused primarily on applications and development tools, with a secondary focus on high availability, high traffic web sites.  A CIO vision with extensive cyber security experience in business operations, software development, and database architecture.  Past projects include three Olympic games, ten years of Grand Slam Tennis as well as The Masters, and a custom healthcare print service which produced and mailed over 10 million documents a month.

Cathy Diehl, Communications Coordinator

Cathy comes to the team with 13 years in education and a Masters in Library Science. As a digital librarian, Cathy’s skills for writing, research and technology have translated well to the world of cyber risk management.  Her desire to learn new skills and her love of reading have expanded her roles within the company. She currently assists with web design, social media marketing and SEO. When she’s not hard at work, Cathy enjoys spending time with her young children and husband.

Advisory Staff

Timothy Sullivan, Senior Business Advisor

A technology innovator and entrepreneur, I have created constructive disruptive technologies, products and services and grown more than a half dozen companies in the past 40 years in several industry sectors. My passion for over a decade has been the development and commercialization of advanced drug and biologic delivery platform technologies in combination with pharmaceutical products that protect the quality of human life.

Julie Rennecker, Healthcare Executive Advisor, BSN, PhD

With 10 years bedside clinical experience as a hospital RN, a PhD from MIT in Organizational Behavior, and 20 years research and consulting experience in high-tech and healthcare, Julie brings a unique synthesis of clinical, academic, and industry experience to the complex challenges of IT-related change in healthcare. Research and consulting clients include Cisco, Dell, Diebold, Rackspace, Motorola, PayPal, Sun Microsystems, Shell Deepwater, DaimlerBenz, Ford, Covidien, LiveProcess, CommUnityCare, IU Health-West, Kaiser Permanente, and Stanford.