HIPAA Training

Create a Cyber Secure Culture

Healthcare is the only industry that has a greater threat from the inside than from the outside. According to Verizon Data Breach Report, 56% of healthcare breaches started from the inside.

Contributing factors include:

Human error

Abuse of access, usually for fun or curiosity

Malicious intent

Training is not only a requirement, but an important element to creating a cyber secure culture. Get your employees on the same page and align expectations from top to bottom. Our affordable, on-demand training for employees and administrators will help you take the first steps toward cyber safety.

Need HIPAA Training? Check out our packages to get your workforce and officers trained.

Every package includes:

  • Fully online course
  • On demand/ Self paced
  • 1 hour staff course in 4 modules
  • 3 hour officer course
  • Progress tracked per person
  • Certificate of Completion


Free Trial


25/2 Package


Billed Annually

Includes up to 25 staff seats 

Includes up to 2 officer seats

Value: $450

50/3 Package


Billed Annually

Includes up to 50 staff seats

Includes up to 3 officer seats

Value: $975

100/5 Package


Billed Annually

Includes up to 100 staff seats

Includes up to 5 officer seats

Value: $1,875

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