Cyber Breaches – Reducing the Noise

reduce-the-noiseWe’ve been involved with Information Technology, cyber security and healthcare for decades.  We’ve taken our experience and focused our efforts on providing the best comprehensive HIPAA compliance solution available.  In re-evaluating security monitoring solutions we  came across the Integrity tool from SignaCert that brought some unique and powerful capabilities to our technical tool chest.

With all of the cyber breaches lately, including Target, Home Depot and JP Morgan to name a few, we keep hearing the same story; “we missed the problem because there was too much noise being reported.”  Fireeye even reported on 60 Minutes the basic problem is information overload from non-stop network changes.  All of this “noise” in the news has made us realize, SignaCert is the right choice for us.  In short SignaCert Integrity dramatically reduces the noise of network security monitoring.  Reducing the noise allows staff to see the real issues, correct them sooner and harden the systems to better fend off cyber attacks.

Robert Felps
About the Author

Innovative problem solver. Robert Felps takes a holistic view of the situation, understanding the business objectives, then architects a solution that exceeds the expectations for much less than standard industry solutions would cost.

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