Presentation: CompassDB - Cure for HIPAA Headache
1. Cyber Security / Breaches (Understanding the Threats)
2. The Headache - HIPAA Security Requirements (Challenges to Becoming Compliant)
3. What Providers Need to Know (Be Prepared, Take Action)
4. The Cure (Risk Management using a Compliance Management Platform)
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Presentation: HIPAA - Reducing the Burden and Increase Your Protection
1. Third Rock Company Background
2. HIPAA Requirements Then & Now
3. Understanding Cyber Threats
4. Protecting Your Practice & Reducing the Burden
5. Third Rock’s Worry-Free Compliance Solution
6. Q/A Discussion
7. Call to Action
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Presentation: HIPAA - Practical Steps to Protect Your Practice
1. HIPAA Then and Now
2. Understanding the Threats
3. Practical Steps to Protecting Your Practice
    a) Awareness
    b) Process
    c) Trust but Verify
    d) Today’s “Reasonable and Appropriate”
    e) Reduce Your Burden
4. Summary
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Presentation: Cyber-Breaches and HIPAA - What's Required Now?
This webinar was sponsored by SignaCert to explain what is now required to be HIPAA compliant. The federal regulations have changed multiple times since 2009 and now require much more security around your electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). It's important to understand and know what you should be doing NOW to protect ePHI! Plus, with 2014 being called "The Year of the Cyber-Breach" and 2015 being referred to as "The Year of the Healthcare Cyber-Breach" it's extremely important to take steps to protect your ePHI data.

If you would like to watch the recorded presentation, you may do so on our Videos Page!
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