partnersIn every organization strategic partnerships are extremely important. Our partners, whether it be services, technical solutions, or associations allow us to bring a true enterprise level of service no matter your needs.

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Apollo HITApollo HIT has extensive experience with providing health information technology and compliance services to provider organizations. Led by a physician/certified professional coder who has over 15 years of experience helping practices achieve their clinical and financial goals, Apollo HIT will help you excel under MACRA and other initiatives through the advanced use of health information technologies coupled with best practices. Apollo HIT emphasizes compliance with coding rules (e.g., evaluation and management coding) and government reporting requirements such as quality measure reporting under MIPS. For more information visit our website: or contact us at
The Management DocThe Management Doc is a healthcare research and consulting firm helping physician office and outpatient facility managers navigate the clinical and organizational challenges associated with new health IT.
Legend NTLegend Networking has been carving out its’ path in the IT industry since 2004. As IT Specialists, in the fields of Dentistry and Healthcare, we understand the unique challenges faced by today’s practices. We are dedicated to offering our clients not only great customer service and first-class computer support, but a wealth of knowledge gathered over the years while problem solving, using our unique hands-on approach.
partner-200-mtvMountaineer Technologies provides mobile security to Covered Entities. Equipping medical staff with mobile devices simplifies the task of managing patient health records, which improves patient care and makes your business more efficient. But healthcare providers must take steps to ensure the security of electronic patient health information (ePHI) as prescribed by the HIPAA privacy rule. License Lock Locate® is an easy to use mobile application that allows healthcare providers to Lock, Locate and Wipe all data from a lost or stolen device thereby reducing the risk of costly HIPAA fines.
SignaCertSignaCert's patented technology can be quickly deployed providing immediate visibility into the current and historical state of IT infrastructure.
DataMotion, Inc. provides secure data delivery solutions such as encrypted email. By using DataMotion, businesses can safely and easily exchange email, files, and other information with partners and customers in the cloud.
partner-200-onrampOnRamp is a Data Center operations company that delivers a full suite of Colocation, Cloud Computing, High Security Hosting and Disaster Recovery services backed by Full7Layer Support, that help our customers build, deploy and manage Data Center operations at each and every layer.
partner-200-tippetTippet Industries provides project management services. From a complete project, or just a sub-project, Tippet applies industry-proven methodologies to successfully complete the project based on your requirements.
partner-200-vaustekvAusTek's CIO/CTO services will help your business bring Information Technology in line with your business. Whether it is finding the right CIO/CTO for your organization or providing a virtual/fractional CIO, you focus on your core business instead of technology issues.

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