2015 – The Healthcare Hack

Just a short post before the New Year!

health-hackThe writing is on the wall. If you look at predictions and reports from all of the security organizations, the one thing that is clear is that Healthcare will find itself the major target of hackers in 2015. As of 2013, it is reported that 43% of all data breaches involved healthcare data. That is only going to get worse!

Why is healthcare such a primer target? Simple, medical records contain a lot of information about your patients identity. This allows for identity theft and financial exploitation. As cyber criminals look for more avenues outside of credit card attacks, healthcare is a natural target.

Websense reported that in the last 10 months they have seen a 600% increase in attacks on hospitals. We are starting to see that more and more, cyber criminals are moving their cross-hairs towards the healthcare field.

Just because you are not a "hospital", do not think that you are immune. Any organization that has medical records will be a target.

Sources: Websense 2015 Security Predictions, 2015 Could Be the Year of the Hospital Hack

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