The deadline for compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union  has come and gone.  May 25, 2018 was the deadline set by the European Union (EU).  This was the end of the two year grace period.  Are you compliant with the law?

The two year grace period has ended.  Are you ready?

GDPR applies to every company that collects, processes or stores an EU citizen’s data, regardless of sector, size and geographical location. The consulting firm Gartner estimates that more than half of the companies that are subject to the GDPR will not be in compliance this year and will be at risk for fines by the EU. A risk assessment is a required action to meet GDPR compliance regulations for protecting EU citizens’ data.

The full integration of the GDPR assessment into Third Rock’s current web based cyber risk management software platform, CyberCompass™, allows companies to quickly complete the assessment and then automatically generate a prioritized corrective action plan.  Robert Felps, CEO of Third Rock, explained, “This software provides rapid benchmarking of an organization’s compliance status, prioritizes needed corrective actions, and maintains the Body of Evidence in the event of an audit by regulatory authorities.  Companies can then choose to implement the corrective actions themselves, collaborate with Third Rock, or engage their current technical consulting firm. Most companies can achieve GDPR compliance in approximately two to twelve weeks.”  We can usually have the assessment completed in less than a week. Greatly helping you move towards compliance.

Third Rock’s CyberCompass™ GDPR Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive, user-friendly experience. Most companies use a mix of forms and spreadsheets to manage cyber risk. Natan Bradbury, CEO of VITECH Pros who partnered with Third Rock to test the new assessment stated, "You don't know how long I've been looking for an application like this!  I've been cobbling together Excel and Word documents and some other tools to complete assessments.”

CyberCompass™ has been documented to achieve 65% time savings compared to other assessment approaches.

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