HIPAA regulations require that providers who implement and manage electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) systems must follow federally mandated safeguards to protect confidential data.

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The Act was enacted to prevent health care fraud and abuse by regulating the security and privacy of electronically stored patient information. It mandates that IT organizations establish access control, audit control, and change monitoring processes to protect patient information.

Third Rock Assurance™  has proven experience in simplifying healthcare organizations’ process of HIPPA IT audit certification. We equip provider IT staff with software solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, broad in application and deep in coverage.

Intelligent in design, our automated solutions reduce the manpower and cost requisite to achieve and maintain ongoing HIPAA compliance.

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Third Rock Assurance™ automates the ability to prove HIPAA compliance by actively assessing the state of IT systems against standard references, dramatically reducing the cost of audits while providing a more predictable and stable IT environment.

Third Rock Assurance™ proves HIPAA compliance by:

Assessing the state of systems against HIPAA standard references
Detecting and alerting when unauthorized changes are made to monitored systems
Generating reports that demonstrate historical HIPAA compliance

HIPAA controls covered by Third Rock Assurance™
  • 164.312(a)(1)Access Control
  • 164.312(a)(2)(i)Unique User Identification
  • 164.312(a)(2)(iii)Automatic Logoff
  • 164.312(b)Audit Controls
  • 164.312(c)(1)Integrity
  • 164.312(d)Person or Entity Authentication