Press Release: vAusTek and Third Rock Combine Forces to Offer Focused IT Solutions

vAusTek, LLC and Third Rock, Inc. are combining our efforts in a strategic Partnership to bring a unique and complete solution for your business. With the strategic partnership vAusTek will be focusing on providing CIO/CTO solutions in the form of Virtual CIO/CTO, Interim CIO/CTO, and CIO/CTO Search / Recruiting solutions. Third Rock will focus on IT Consulting, Project Management, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, and Development Services.

How does this all work together?

Both vAusTek and Third Rock have been working together for a few years and we found that some of the services that we each provided were repetitive. By working together we bring a clear focus to our clients. Our companies were both founded on the idea of getting rid of the technology headaches of you business. Now we can provide a clear picture of just how we can achieve that.

Our teams will work together and provide solutions across both organizations. Nothing will change for our clients as we move forward. The vAusTek website ( will be undergoing changes to focus on its core functions. Third Rock ( has already undergone changes to reflect the new focus.

About vAusTek, LLC

vAusTek LLC is an Austin based technology consulting business originally founded as Cretec Solutions in 2000. In 2010 we changed the name to vAusTek and formed vAusTek LLC.

vAusTek has a strong belief in the "Trusted Advisor" role. We work with our clients to find the proper solution that fits the needs and vision of their business, not the needs of software and hardware vendors that want to sell you a product.

About Third Rock, Inc.

Third Rock® was founded by Janice and Robert Felps in 1995.  The name Third Rock was chosen to represent a company that would provide services for the Internet and World Wide Web

Third Rock is a no-nonsense professional services & software firm that works with you to identify issues, solve problems and create plans to improve your IT organization.  We’ve built our business on honesty, integrity and treating others like we want to be treated.

The Third Rock staff brings years of enterprise experience from large organizations such as IBM, Dell, & AT&T with “in the trenches” work values as entrepreneurs. We bring enterprise level knowledge with wisdom from the entrepreneur’s “road of hard knocks”.

Clint Eschberger
About the Author

Business-minded and big-picture visionary offering multifaceted technical and interpersonal skills coupled with proven ability in optimizing efficiencies and articulating a well-defined path to success.

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