There is no way to stop a data breach


If you have been reading the news, you know cyber-breaches are getting out of control.  A recent article contained a statement of truth from Daniel Marvin, Cybersecurity Attorney, Stern & Montana.  He states “There is no way to stop a data breach. Hackers are smart, they are well-funded and they are relentless. You really can't build a firewall high enough to keep them out.”

He's absolutely correct.  You MUST understand that preventative security measures reduce break-ins, but cannot stop them.  Therefore, you must have a solution in place to detect the breach and stop it.  It is the final brick in the cyber-defense wall.  Make sure you have the proper tools to protect your ePHI.

For the full article from Modern Healthcare visit here.

Take Away:

  1. You need a cyber-breach detection tool that knows when you've been breached. This IS NOT an anti-virus program or firewall. Those attempt to block a breach, you need a tool that knows when those eventually fail.
  2. SignaCert Integrity provides the only tool with a Global Trust Repository that detects unauthorized executable files and missing updates plus other beneficial security tests and features.

Contact us if you have questions on how to detect cyber-breaches and reduce or stop ePHI / data loss.

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