Third Rock – Our CEO was Security Panelist at Health Tech ATX

face and digital baordRobert Felps, Third Rock CEO, was one of three panelist for the Health Tech ATX conference in Austin, TX on October 7.  There were over 75 Healthcare executives and security experts in attendance.  One of the main focuses was on the extreme rise in Healthcare cyber-security breaches and how to address them.  HIPAA compliance was the number one response from the panelist.  You must do a Risk Assessment to know what issues you have and prioritize the remediation of those issues.  The changes brought about by HITECH and later updates to HIPAA make security the focus and every healthcare practice and business associate needs to start working on their security of PHI.

Robert Felps
About the Author

Innovative problem solver. Robert Felps takes a holistic view of the situation, understanding the business objectives, then architects a solution that exceeds the expectations for much less than standard industry solutions would cost.

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