ePHI = Money = Thieves

Our compliance officer created this slide for a presentation recently and I thought, what a simple way to get the point across about Protected Health Information (PHI).  An individual's complete  ePHI records are worth up to $500 on the black market.  Cyber-criminals are not longer focused on credit cards as they can be readily cancelled.  They now want ePHI as evidenced by the fact that over 10 times more PHI records were stolen in the first three months of 2015 than were stolen in all of 2014! I believe 2015 will be known as the year of the Healthcare Breach.


Protected Health Information (PHI)=Income & Livelihood – Yours and/or Cyber Criminals
Cyber Criminals + Internet=Ability to Access and steal ePHI
HIPAA Today=Prescription for PHI Security
PHI Security=1)      Risk Assessment
2)      Risk Management
3)      Cyber Breach Detection
4)      Policies and Procedures
5)      Staff Training
Do Nothing=Lose of PHI and Your Income


hipaa-clickIf you're a Covered Entity, it's time to take action now.  Take our mini-risk assessment HIPAA Quick-Check to see how you score in your HIPAA compliance.  Contact us and see how easily you can protect your patients PHI and your livelihood.


Take Action - Protect your practice.

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