Focus on Technology: Anti-virus Maintenance

Wshield_c649235_se see many covered entities that do NOT maintain their anti-virus.  It is EXTREMELY important that your IT staff (MSP) keeps the anti-virus definitions set for auto-update and that the anti-virus software itself is updated as needed.  We suggest that you have a monthly review of each computer and make sure the anti-virus software and definitions are current and working correctly.

It's wise to review your anti-virus solution each year too.  There are usually a few top tier solutions that keep their software near the best in the market.  Others may be "reviewed" and "voted" as the best for a given year, but changes in the cyber-security world make them less useful as time goes on.  Make sure your anti-virus is a top tier solution that provides the best in class anti-virus solution.

Robert Felps
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Innovative problem solver. Robert Felps takes a holistic view of the situation, understanding the business objectives, then architects a solution that exceeds the expectations for much less than standard industry solutions would cost.

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