Reduce the Burden of HIPAA While Increasing Your Protection

If you missed our recent webinar on Reduce the Burden of HIPAA While Increasing Your Protection you can watch it on-line now.

Ed Jones, Third Rock's Chief Compliance Officer, keeps this presentation updated to help your stay current on HIPAA and cyber-security.  We offer the course to professional associations and local healthcare societies, board of directors and executives and as a Continuing Education (CE) course.  Contact us if you're interested in a private webinar with Q&A.

Please join Ed Jones, Chief Compliance Officer and Robert Felps, CEO of Third Rock for a recording of our interactive webinar, from April 28th, that will help you understand:

  • How to reduce the burden of HIPAA Compliance
  • The reality of cyber-breaches.
  • Why reducing discovery time of a breach is critical.
  • Why recent HIPAA regulation changes are important to understand.
  • How to reduce potential fines for HIPAA non-compliance.
  • Protecting the equity you’ve built into your business!

Protect your Patients. Protect your Practice. Protect Yourself.

You may visit our videos page on our web site or our youtube channel for other videos.

Robert Felps
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Innovative problem solver. Robert Felps takes a holistic view of the situation, understanding the business objectives, then architects a solution that exceeds the expectations for much less than standard industry solutions would cost.

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