Your iPhone Is a Target for Criminals

Check Point Software released their April 2016 Threat Index revealing what we all know; cyber-threats are rising at alarming rates.  The report shows Apple's iOS devices are under heavier attack than reported in previous reports.
Over 2,000 unique malware families were identified by Check Point during April, which they state is a 50 percent increase over March, and you thought rabbits multiplied rapidly!  The iOS issue comes from the fact they found XcodGhost had moved into the top three most common mobile malware. Therefore, iOS, on all platforms is now a top target for cyber-criminals.  No more assuming your iDevice is secure.mobile_security_200x

Before you Android lovers say "I told you so", it's worth noting that the Android malware HummingBad remained in the overall top-10 of malware across all platforms globally during April.

Takeaway: Protecting your network and computers is not enough, every organization and individual needs to take steps to secure their mobile devices; tablets, ipads, iphones and smart-phones.  And remember, anti-virus software is not enough anymore!

Where to start:

  1. Start with good backups and make sure they are working.
  2. Keep the OS and applications patched (up-to-date)
  3. Make sure anti-virus is current and updating regularly (twice a day)
  4. Make sure file firewalls are setup correctly and passwords are changed and difficult to break.
  5. Consider HIPAA & PCI automated testing to harden your systems.
  6. Consider File Integrity Software to detect unknown/unwanted software.
  7. Put a cyber-security plan in place to protect your ePHI.


  • Protect your Patients.
  • Protect your Practice.
  • Protect Yourself.


Defend, Detect, Defeat.

Robert Felps
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