Focus on Technology: $77 Billion Hard Drive (in 1960)

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It's still summer and I was trying to find a good Focus on Technology topic for this blog. Well, no such luck.  I didn't really find anything that peaked my interest and I thought something a littler lighter to wrap up summer would be nice vs yet another boring tech blog.

You might be thinking NO ONE would ever buy a $77 Billion hard drive.  Correct you are. This blog post is about the current capacity of hard drives and what they would have cost in 1960.  An eight terabyte hard drive was recently released and sells for a little more than $200 online.  If we back up to 1960 and look at the top of the line hard drive we find IBM sold a 3.75 MB hard drive for $34,000 USD.  If we extrapolate that out the 8 TB hard drive would have cost $77.2 Billion back then.  Outrageous to think technology has increased the size of the hard drive over 2 million times while reducing the cost 99.25%.  Truly Amazing!

For the full story by Tim Fisher visit "21 Things You Didn't Know About ... Hard Drives"

Full Disclaimer:  I did not verify any of Mr. Fischer's calculations. 🙂

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