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If you're like me, sometimes you're a slow learner or you just like things the way they were. Why change a good thing, right?  Windows 10 has some nice new features, but I thought Windows 7 was simple and easy to use, plus I know it.  Here are some tips on how to navigate Windows 10 a little easier.  Hope they help.

Right Mouse Click on Windows (Start) IconThis will pop-up a list of applications like on Windows 7.
Windows Key - Alt - EscToggle through all open windows (applications)
Ctrl - Shift - EscOpen Task Manager (click on More Details in bottom left)
EscEscape from current pop-up from a shortcut.
Windows Key - DShow the Desktop.
Windows Key - TabShow running tasks (applications).
Windows Key - Ctrl Key - DOpen new virtual desktop window.
Windows Key - Ctrl Key - Left or Right ArrowMove left or right between virtual desktops.
Windows Key - Ctrl Key - F4Closes the current virtual desktop
Windows Key - Up ArrowChanges current window from normal to full screen or from minimized to normal.
Windows Key - Down ArrowChanges current window from full screen to normal or from normal to minimized.
Windows Key - Left or Right ArrowMoves current window to left half of screen or right half. Combine with Up or Down Arrow keys to move to top left quarter, etc.

The HowToGeek web site has a large listing of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

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