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This is the second in a two part series concerning the value of compliance.  Our mission is, Worry-Free Compliance, to help you obtain a culture of compliance through normal business operations.  Our vision is to reduce the complexity, cost and burden of HIPAA compliance using a next-generation compliance management platform.

What does a next-generation management platform provide?  Here’s a list:

    • Complete
      • Manages the entire compliance process
      • Maintains custom policies and procedures
      • Provides and tracks training
      • Creates & maintains Body of Evidence for audits
    • Simple and Easy
      • Understandable format, HIPAA expertise not required
      • Logic driven questions reduces assessment time
      • Supporting documentation easily attached and managed
      • Generates electronic reports for audits
    • Significantly Reduces Time and Effort
      • Intuitive, step-by-step workflow
      • Provides remediation guidance and support
      • Automates building the body of evidence
      • Reduces man-hours by over 50%
      • Reduces overall cost of HIPAA compliance by 65%
    • Greatly reduces liabilities

Before you buy a HIPAA kit that will sit on your shelves and collect dust or hire a HIPAA auditor/consultant to perform a security risk analysis for you, then leaves you a checklist of issues to correct, you should consider using an online tool that makes you more compliant, in less time and helps you maintain your culture of compliance.

The first post in this two-part series was Value Proposition of HIPAA Compliance.

Take our free mini-Risk Assessment to see how compliant you are.

Protect your patients, protect your practice, protect yourself.

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