Closing the Cybersecurity Gap

As we hear more and more about breaches and ransomware in businesses and especially healthcare, it is becoming an even greater concern for healthcare business owners. It is no longer if you will be attacked, but when and how often.

The first step in closing the cybersecurity gap is to realize that you can't do it on your own. Cybersecurity is not finding your basic "IT guy" that "can fix it". It is about obtaining the right resource whether that is a full time hire or a managed service.

The next thing to realize with cybersecurity is that it is not a one time fix, but is ongoing and continually changing to meet the new challenges coming out every day. This is not just adding a firewall, anti-virus, patches, etc. It is a plan, a mentality that evolves over time.

HIPAA is actually a good start towards good cybersecurity, but it is not everything. We all like to complain about HIPAA, but it is actually a great guide to getting your business far more secure and ready to be secure. However, to truly close the cybersecurity gap, no static documents and processes will keep you continuously secure by themselves.

Why worry?

One breach can close your business! Think about your business being down for days, weeks, or even longer. How long can you survive? What about a breach where patient data gets stolen and leaked!! Now you have to go through notifying the government and the public, HIPAA audits, and major fines.

Keep in mind there are 4 tiers of HIPAA fines. If you have a proper HIPAA risk assessment and cybersecurity plan, those fines will be significantly reduced. If not, you could see fines of $50,000 PER PATIENT RECORD.

Time to close that GAP!!

Protect Your Patients.  Protect Your Practice. Protect Yourself™.

If you have questions concerning establishing a cybersecurity plan or about HIPAA, including how to conduct a Security Risk Assessment or how to best remediate identified risks, please contact us:; 512.310.0020.  We'd be happy to help!

Clint Eschberger
About the Author

Business-minded and big-picture visionary offering multifaceted technical and interpersonal skills coupled with proven ability in optimizing efficiencies and articulating a well-defined path to success.

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