PHISHING ALERT – DocuSign – Don’t click!

Heads up, everyone – our team has gotten phishing emails like this one posing as messages from DocuSign.

DON’T CLICK unless (a) the message is from someone you know and (b) is a message and document you were expecting.

If you receive too many documents via DocuSign to remember if you were expecting the message/document or not, take these precautions:

·         Hover your mouse over the Download link.

·         Carefully read the url that appears.

·         If the url is not for DocuSign, delete the email immediately.

·         Then ask your IT provider to ensure the web filter, firewall, and anti-virus are all up-to-date.

DocuSign is a legitimate business that provides a valuable service to the business community. This is not their fault – these messages are a hoax.

Contact us today if you would like to have your IT system scanned to identify unaddressed vulnerabilities.

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Julie Rennecker, PhD, BSN
About the Author

Julie Rennecker, BSN, PhD is an organizational development consultant specializing in the people and process challenges related to healthcare technology change. With 10 years bedside clinical experience (ICU, ER, behavioral health), a PhD in Organizational Behavior from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, five years on the Information Systems faculty at Case Western Reserve University, and more than 15 years’ research and consulting experience, she brings a unique synthesis of clinical, academic, and industry experience to bear on client problems and opportunities. She holds a Certificate in Health IT and Health Information Exchange from the University of Texas and is a credentialed EpicCare Ambulatory trainer.

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