Third Rock Enhances SECURETexas Capabilities

Customized to over 20 types of healthcare specialties for better

protection of patient information against cyber threats 

  Austin, TX – March 21, 2018 – Third Rock, a preferred vendor for Texas Health Services Authority (THSA), has further simplified the SECURETexas certification process by offering a unique customized security risk assessment approach based on an organization’s practice area. Third Rock has customized its web-based security risk assessment tool for more than 20 different healthcare practice types, including urology, pediatrics, orthopedics, urgent care, primary care, optometry, dentistry, and home health, saving users’ time by assessing only those issues pertinent to that practice type.  No other vendor offers this level of automated customization for the SECURETexas certification program. The SECURETexas certification program is included in Third Rock’s CompassDB cyber risk management platform. Third Rock has shown that organizations can realize a 66% reduction in work hours by utilizing Third Rock’s Compass DB software compared to other labor-intensive security risk assessment approaches.  Third Rock’s CompassDB reduces the complexity of assessing and managing cyber security and compliance, especially for smaller and medium size health organizations that are most vulnerable to cyber attacks. “Healthcare organizations are highly-targeted by cyber threats yet have the lowest utilization of risk management software to help manage their risks.  With cyber security now an urgent issue for all healthcare entities, our goal is to make protecting patient information easy and intuitive with a one-stop solution,“ stated Ed Jones, Third Rock’s Chief Compliance Officer. SECURETexas Preferred Vendor stamp of approvalAdditional focused and customizable surveys have been programmed into Compass DB to meet the comprehensive SECURETexas requirements.  These surveys are fully integrated into the Compass DB platform and provide direct references and links to Texas regulations. Completion of the SECURETexas assessment in Compass DB automatically generates a prioritized risk management plan, including the corrective actions required, along with policies and procedures, user training, vendor management, a reference library and extensive collaboration tools. Completing an annual security risk assessment is a requirement for meeting federal HIPAA compliance regulations, while SECURETexas ensures Texas’ privacy and information protection requirements are met. SECURETexas certification can be a mitigating factor when a court or state licensure agency imposes a penalty for violation of the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act. About Third Rock Based in Round Rock, Texas, Third Rock is a cyber risk and compliance management firm.  Third Rock has built a turnkey, simplified software platform, CompassDB to give organizations the ability to manage and monitor their cyber risk at a holistic level. The platform includes tools and guidance for hardening an organization’s IT systems, refining their processes, and engaging employees to create a culture of Cyber Confidence. Third Rock is the only firm to include a comprehensive compliance and vulnerability scan of an organization’s computers with their SECURETexas assessments. Learn more at  About THSA The Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) was established by the Texas Legislature for the purpose of promoting, implementing, and facilitating the secure electronic exchange of health information. The THSA accomplishes this purpose through its health information exchange (HIE) and privacy and security certification and supporting programs. Learn more about the THSA at
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