The GDPR deadline is here – are you ready?

GDPR Deadline | Risk Assessment If you are not yet GDPR-ready, you're not alone. Many companies are still scrambling to meet the requirements. Some U.S.-based companies didn't realize the law would apply to them. Others did not realize the full extent of the law - or of their own data collection! 

Don't worry - whether starting from scratch or needing to document your current GDPR status, Third Rock's CyberCompass™ streamlines the assessment process and automates the report generation, making it possible for Third Rock to give you a full report, including a prioritized list of action items, within a few days. Then, if needed, our consultants and technology partners can work with you to address the action items and come into compliance. Contact us today to schedule a GDPR assessment, the first step in becoming compliant.

GDPR - Automated. Simplified. Affordable.

Julie Rennecker, PhD, BSN
About the Author

Julie Rennecker, BSN, PhD is an organizational development consultant specializing in the people and process challenges related to healthcare technology change. With 10 years bedside clinical experience (ICU, ER, behavioral health), a PhD in Organizational Behavior from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, five years on the Information Systems faculty at Case Western Reserve University, and more than 15 years’ research and consulting experience, she brings a unique synthesis of clinical, academic, and industry experience to bear on client problems and opportunities. She holds a Certificate in Health IT and Health Information Exchange from the University of Texas and is a credentialed EpicCare Ambulatory trainer.

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