Am I a Data Processor or a Data Controller? – Check the GDPR glossary

Dynamic GDPR infographic | GDPR Risk Assessment | key terms

Ok, so the GDPR "deadline" has passed, but many of you are still tying up loose ends - or perhaps just discovering that the law applies to you! Whatever the case, don't let confusion over a few terms slow your progress. Some vendors got together to create a great glossary page that defines all the key terms.

If you're still uncertain about what you need to do, the official GDPR page summarizes the key points in a dynamic infographic.

Need to get GDPR compliant and don't have time or expertise to learn all the rules? Third Rock can deliver a complete GDPR Assessment with a prioritized list of corrective actions in just 5-7 business days for any size organization. Plus, based on your assessment results, we can help you determine whether you need additional help from us or one of our technical partners.

Third Rock is all about Complete Cyber Confidence. Contact us today to achieve Complete GDPR Confidence.



Julie Rennecker, PhD, BSN
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