Are you Safe?

Safety. Such an important word with so many different connotations. We ask safety questions constantly. Is my family safe? Will my house be safe? Is this a safe neighborhood? Are our schools safe? Many technologies are designed to specifically pacify our desire to feel safe.  We can track our child's cellphone. We buy alarms for our homes and doorbells with cameras. Schools install cameras and specially locking doors to protect the children.  But one area most people neglect, is cyber safety. Why?  Because it is such an abstract issue.  I check the locks on my doors each night before I go to bed.  I can see and confirm they are locked. None of my physical senses will tell me if my PC is being hacked, until it’s too late and the ransomware notice covers the screen.  As an executive, are you doing what it takes to keep your clients safe? Is their information secure within your care? Do you even know where to start looking? Take this short quiz to see if you are on the right path. We can help you answer "Yes" to all of your security questions.

Protect your Patients. Protect your Organization. Protect Yourself.

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