Since 1995, Third Rock has been leading in improving privacy compliance and cybersecurity affordably. Starting with HIPAA compliance and seeing how healthcare was strapped with only spreadsheets as their only tool, Third Rock developed automation tools with built-in expertise to move their clients to faster and more complete cyber risk management.

“Healthcare organizations are highly-targeted by cyber threats yet have the lowest utilization of risk management software to help manage their risks.” stated Robert Felps, Third Rock CEO.    

 CyberCompass® cloud-based platform was born as a solution to automate the workflow and provide the navigation needed for businesses to protect themselves today and stay current as the cyber landscape and privacy laws evolve. Third Rock quickly saw that its solution was adopted by Texas Medical Liability Trust, the largest insurer of physicians in the country, Texas Health Services Authorization with its SecureTexas certification, and Texas Medical Association.

With the enactment of privacy laws and the expansion of the tool into other industries, CyberCompass has gone through significant and more user-friendly enhancements to save companies up to 70% of work hours.  The most powerful enhancement is the capability to do multiple regulations with one streamline assessment.  Excess Line Association of New York is currently offering CyberCompass as a free membership benefit so insurance brokers can meet New York Department of Finance 500 cybersecurity compliance certification. CyberCompass includes the following privacy and cybersecurity regulations: CCPA, CIS-20 GDPR, HIPAA, NAIC 668, NYDFS 500, NIST 171 800, and numerous state regulations.

Seeing the increased demand for the software and its ability to simplify cyber risk management, streamline privacy compliance and improve cybersecurity holistically, CyberCompass, LLC becomes effective on January 1, 2020. Spinning off as a separate entity, CyberCompass as well as its other tools such as CyberQuickCheck, will have greater flexibility to establish various distribution opportunities through resellers, value added resellers, strategic alliances, and partnerships. 

“With CyberCompass as a separate legal entity, we have simplified the ability for our partners so we can develop more focused leadership and meet changing market demand faster,” stated Felps.

Do you have clients in need of holistic risk management across people, processes, technology and vendors? Learn more about partnering with CyberCompass today to provide the most affordable and complete solution.