Round Rock, TX, April 15, 2020 – Third Rock, a cybersecurity and compliance firm, and creator of CyberCompass® cyber risk management software, is excited to announce the addition of Taylor Hersom to its team to serve in a dual capacity. Mr. Hersom will be heading up CyberCompass® distribution channel development. His specific goal will be to help operationalize channel partners in translating cyber risks to better market their cybersecurity solutions, stated Robert Felps, CEO of Third Rock and CyberCompass® LLC.

Mr. Hersom’s previous experience was with Deloitte risk management practice. He recently served in helping lead business development for a cybersecurity firm that promoted CyberCompass®. His background provides a unique set of skills in translating how cyber risk management can drive the optimization of cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Mr. Hersom has been using CyberCompass® for over a year with his previous customers. “Most cyber risk management tools focus on technology, so that leaves companies with a false sense of security and lack of insights into their cyber risk. I have worked with several software applications, and I haven’t seen anything with the potential and power of CyberCompass® to deliver a complete 360-degree integration across people, processes, technology, and vendors,” said Hersom.

“We are excited to add Taylor to our team, especially during this time when businesses need our help in getting higher levels of cybersecurity and compliance quickly,” stated Felps. “Taylor brings a depth of knowledge and unique insight to rapidly improve our automation and usability in  assessing cyber risk, managing remediation, and ultimately improving their cyber protection.”

Hersom has also been tapped to lead Third Rock’s virtual services growing practice. Third Rock developed CyberCompass® software to provide faster, more complete cybersecurity and compliance at an affordable price. Given the impact on businesses with COVID-19, Third Rock clients are seeking to have virtual Chief Information Security Officer and virtual Chief Compliance Officer expertise as they quickly transition their businesses and improve cybersecurity with a dispersed workforce. “Having Taylor lead our virtual practice within Third Rock allows him to be involved with understanding client needs as they change and translating those needs to CyberCompass® enhancements,” stated Felps.

About Third Rock

Third Rock is a cyber risk and compliance management professional services firm. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Third Rock services include risk assessments, remediation, and rapid incident response in less 65% less time than other firms. Third Rock built a turnkey, simplified, best in class cyber risk management, cybersecurity and compliance software CyberCompass®.

About CyberCompass® LLC

CyberCompass® cloud-based software empowers and enables businesses to manage and monitor their cyber risk at a holistic level. It is the only cyber risk management and compliance software with one assessment to meet multi standards for both cybersecurity and government privacy regulation such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR. The platform includes tools and guidance for hardening an organization’s IT systems, refining their operational processes, engaging employees with cyber training, and managing vendor compliance. Excess Line Association of New York (ELANY) offers a complimentary subscription to CyberCompass™ for active members to become compliant. CyberCompass®, LLC was recently established as it’s own legal entity.