Round Rock, Tx, Dec. 03, 2014 – Third Rock, a business technology consulting firm  focused on improving operational performance through effective and efficient compliance, has taken decades of security and enterprise experience and created a stream-lined, affordable HIPAA /  HITECH compliance solution that small and medium businesses can afford.

Third Rock’s Worry-Free Compliance provides all of the required elements to meet current HIPAA / HITECH requirements.  Included is continuous network security monitoring to reduce, prevent and/or detect cyber breaches, improving confidentiality, integrity and availability of Protected Health Information (PHI), while reducing potential federal and state penalties.  Being comprehensive sets this solution apart. Tailored for the small to medium sized company, designed to be rapidly implemented and easy to maintain and manage. Step-by-step guides help keep the organization in compliance and improve its operation’s efficiency while reducing costs and increasing profits.

HIPAA / HITECH regulations are designed to prevent health care fraud and abuse by regulating the security and privacy of electronically stored patient information. It now mandates that organizations perform over ten major efforts to be HIPAA compliant.  Third Rock’s Worry-Free Compliance addresses all of those requirements and more.

Third Rock’s Worry-Free Compliance is a comprehensive HIPAA/HITECH Compliance solution for the healthcare provider and business associate that helps these organizations conform to all of the current regulations and better protect PHI.

  1. Step-by-Step Guide
    A roadmap so you know what has to be done in what order and when.
  2. HIPAA Awareness Training
    New employee and refresher courses, to keep staff current on compliance.
  3. HIPAA Security Officer Training
    Specific job responsibility training is required.
  4. HIPAA Policies & Procedures Training
    Your staff needs to be trained on your organization’s documented policies and procedures.
  5. Unbiased Professional Risk Assessment
    Comprehensive NIST compliant questionnaire tailored to your practice to save time and reduce cost. Provides compliance report with score and prioritized remediation list.
  6. Vulnerability Scan of All Network Devices
    Complete network discovery and scan for compliance issues.
  7. Customized Policies and Procedures
    Complete set w/CFR references to meet your unique requirements.
  8. Practical Complete Risk Management Plan
    Plan with detailed procedures & diagrams to manage and mitigate risks on an ongoing basis.
    1. Complete Compliance Monitoring & Tracking
      Set of report registers to record all compliance activities.
  9. Ready-to-Use Contingency Plan
    Complete plan only needing your company’s information “plugged in”.
  10. Business Associate Management and Agreements
    Know when BA agreements are required and appropriate monitoring of BAs.
  11. Third Rock Assurance – Cyber Protection
    1. Technology Security Plan
      What technology to employ to improve your protection of PHI.
    2. IT Strategy Plan
      How to plan, budget & manage IT.  Includes budget, software key registry, checklist, vendor list.
    3. Online Dashboard (Coming 1Q15)
      HIPAA compliance tracking, document storage, scheduling, and disaster recovery in secure cloud.  The compliance results are distilled into an easy to understand HIPAA Security Profile™.
    4. Email Encryption w/Recipient Verification
      Encryption alone isn’t enough — you must know the correct person received the message.
    5. Continuous Network Monitoring
      Third-party, next generation vulnerability & compliance monitoring, another set of eyes protecting PHI.  We reduce the noise so IT can easily find the issues to prevent breaches.
  12. What to Do Next Guide
    Easy-to-follow guide that steps you through risk assessment remediation and your ongoing compliance efforts.

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Our goal is not to tell organizations what they are doing wrong, but to improve their ability to protect critical data and better serve their customers and patients.

Be compliant, contact Third Rock for Worry-Free Compliance.

More information about Third Rock and its services is available at

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