An Ounce of Prevention – Why HIPAA Guidelines should be your standard operating procedures

The American Heart Association lists heart disease as the #1 cause of death in the US with nearly 800,000 deaths per year. In comparison, more than 3.1 million patients have been impacted in the first half of 2017 by a data breach that led to the theft of protected health information (PHI). That's right — in half the time, nearly four times as many people have been impacted by an information breach as have died from heart disease! Yet an estimated two thirds of medical practices remain at risk of being breached due to a lack of appropriate privacy and security measures as outlined in the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule.

Getting on a Compliance Diet

This is where the old adage of “an ounce of prevention” comes into play. Diet and exercise have been drilled into us since we were young as the most important factors for preventing heart disease. The consequences of forgoing them seemed small in those days. But over time, things changed and life got busy. Various demands on our time started to pile up, and what was once routine is now a New Year's resolution.

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HIPAA compliance is no different. You know you should follow HIPAA guidelines, not just because it's the law, but because protecting your patients' data is fundamental to the business and reputational integrity of your practice. But there are so many other demands on your time - OSHA, MACRA, staffing, payer negotiations, drug-resistant TB, continuing education... Acknowledging this, however, doesn’t give practitioners or administrators any more hours in the day. So how can you make HIPAA a habit, make it your team's standard operating procedure, and still deal with everything else you have to do?

Third Rock’s HIPAA solution streamlines the process of identifying security vulnerabilities and simplifies the process of addressing security gaps in your practice. When dealing with compliance, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that you are acting with the best interest of your patients and your practice. This is why the THSA has recently endorsed Third Rock for our complete, easy, and affordable approach to HIPAA compliance.

We are helping small, medium, and large healthcare organizations by diagnosing, prioritizing and mitigating their vulnerabilities. We also provide the written Policies & Procedures and training so not only are you compliant but you now have the framework for a standard operating procedure moving forward. Should you have any questions along the way, we have a support team that is able to assist.

There is finally a way to take charge – Ask us today about our HIPAA compliance package!

Protect Your Patients. Protect your Practice. Protect Yourself. ™

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Blake Cole
About the Author

Blake’s experience is centered around sales and entrepreneurial ventures with a background in technology, education, and healthcare. His chance encounter with Robert through church, and a later meeting with Clint through an entrepreneur community, led to Blake joining the Third Rock team. He currently assists with sales and provides feedback to aid company growth towards the needs of a growing customer base in the healthcare industry.

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